Attention:  Entrepreneurs, Coaches and Speakers!

Virtual Presence & Presentation Secrets Live Event

  • Discover How to Have More IMPACT and INCOME with LIVE VIRTUAL TRAINING!
  • Discover How to Have More IMPACT and INCOME with Live Virtual Training!

Daily Event Schedule

Day 1
Mesmerize Your Attendees

  • #1 Success Factor No One Tells You About TO GROW YOUR BUSINESS
  • Learn 3 ways to Mesmerize Your Audience
  • Top 3 Mistakes & How to avoid them

Day 2
Grow Your Business

  • Grow Your Business Faster with References and Testimonials – during Your sessions
  • Get Secrets to Double Your Participation and Double Your Retention
  • Master Facilitation & Training Techniques for impact and repeat customers
  • 🎉 Bonus Templates

Day 3
Be Memorable

  • BE the FIRST Trainer People Call!
  • Video Studio Secrets – Keeps the Focus on You! ​
  • ​Powerful Close that Imparts a lasting impression & creates raving fans!
  • ​Lights, Camera, Voice - Focus on You - to create a great experience for attendees

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​🔷 Grow Your Business and Get Repeat Clients with
      My Game-changing 3-Step Framework

🔷 Learn to Mesmerize Your Audience

🔷Top 3 Mistakes & How to avoid them

​🔷 Master Virtual Presence & Presentation skills for impact and repeat customers

🎉 Get 3 Bonus Templates you can use immediatly! 

“The Benefits of This Live Event" 

Before the Event

  • Attendees not participating in activities – or with You!
  • Audience leaves session early and does not come back
  • References and testimonials difficult to get from attends to grow your business
  • Getting clients or repeat clients is not occurring

After the Event

🌟 Be the #1Trainer of Choice

  • You will double participation in your course!
  • Double retention to the end of the course
  • Get 3x the number of ‘kudos’ and ‘feedback’ references and testimonials to your grow business!
  • ​Have more IMPACT and INCOME

This is for You IF...You want to Invest in your future to Deliver transformative training sessions that have More Impact and Income. 

What Others Are Saying...

I've always known Liz to be an excellent trainer, having collaborated with her over the years as a frequent speaker and workshop leader for the clinical quality events I produce. When the pandemic changed the world, it was clear that speaking/presenting/training in a virtual environment requires different skills than in-person, and Liz stepped up to provide that much needed expertise. Momentum Events has a continued partnership with Liz on our Clinical Quality Virtual Training Series, and she adds so much value by coaching seasoned speakers on the nuances of training virtually and transforming their content into more engaging, interactive presentations, that result in a captured virtual audience who walk away with actionable insights and give rave reviews. Our partnership is invaluable.
Kristen Hunter, HMCC, CED

"Very helpful and well presented. Great list of recommendations and tools for viewer engagement. Thank you!"
Laura D.  
from 'Igniting Virtual Compliance Training Activities'

I attended Liz's ... Virtual Training Course in August 2022. I was blown away with everything that I came away with. She talked about Platform, Presence, and Presentation Design. We reviewed Engagement by Design with Bloom's Taxonomy. I left with some templates (Trainer Run of Show) and tools (free Vector Art Website & Copyright laws). These are just a snapshot of the weekend [course]. Liz's training also helped connect me with other presentation designers/trainers. If you're growing your virtual training skills, be it design or presenting, Liz is phenomenal.
Mary Lord
Associate Director at Merck

"Ms. Wool,
Thank you for the information and enthusiasm with which you presented it. Although my current role doesn't involve hosting virtual training sessions, I am a frequent attendee. If my presenters were to use the tools you suggested, I wouldn't dread so much seeing a "Required Training" invite, pop-up on my calendar. 
Thank you again."
Christopher S. 
from 'Igniting Virtual Compliance Training Activities'

As Featured on Dean Graziosi and Tony Robbins’ Time To Thrive Challenge.

Disclosure: "The depicted experience my not be typical. Your background, education, experience, work ethic may differ. This is used as an example and not a guarantee of success. Individuals do not track the typicality of its student's experiences. Your results may vary."


  • Is the training done with Liz? "Yes, Liz Wool is your trainer and coach. She leads interactive sessions that model participant engagement and connection."
  • What is the date and time of this event?  We are live streaming this event on September 29, 30, and October 1 from 11:00 am to 6:00 pm ET. 
  • Do I need special equipment or a studio to attend? No, to take full advantage of our 3-day event, and be comfortable, we recommend using a laptop/desktop computer with an external webcam.
  • How advanced is this live event? You will be spending 3-days with like-minded people that have a passion for learning, training, and equipping others for their Success! 
  • Will there be breaks for meals? Yes, there will be scheduled meal breaks during each day.

How to Prepare: Choose a quiet place at home or work where you will not be disturbed with notepad/book, pen, and your favorite beverage to keep hydrated.

You're Ready

Liz Wool

Liz Wool, your trainer & coach

Hi, I'm Liz Wool

I'm a certified instructional designer and master trainer, virtual training instructional designer, and training director. I have over 30 years of healthcare experience, with 25 years in education and training.

“I understand how you feel, as a trainer and coach – schedule too full, overwhelmed, not knowing if my attendees were retaining the skills and knowledge for their jobs. I used to be a nurse but cared so much about helping people I started out educating patients to care for themselves. Now, I decided to create a training and coaching program to help transform trainers, coaches, and leaders to Grow their business. 
You’ll be ready to captivate your clients to boost retention and create raving fans!” 

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